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Shawndi Hoy Voice Samples

Sound Samples

1. Two Commercials
2. Commercial with fellow announcer
3. This is just a quick weather forecast.
4. Short sample Dragon like character voice
5. Silly skit..
6. Weather blooper
7. The joy of making noises?

Thank you!

Hi Warren! ********** Ok, here are some voice samples from my ancient tapes. Please forgive the not so great sound quality. The first sound file are 2 commercials I did years ago at WALY Radio. The 2nd is a commercial I did with another announcer. The 3rd is just a quick weather forecast. I had to pre-record the weather for my shift, then that would air at the top and bottom of the hour. The 4th is just me playing around in the studio during a break. There was a Yamaha synthesizer connected to the board. It was a blast to change your voice with it! It's kind of a dragon voice. It's very short.... The 5th clip is a skit I just whipped up during one of those breaks in the studio. I did all the parts in it even the trumpet.. I think it's dorky now, but the next day after I made that, my boss liked it enough to air it during his morning show. So it did go on the air.. AHHHH! =D I had so much fun making it though. ************** This 6th clip is just for fun. It's a weather blooper. ************** Oh geeez... this 7th clip is just me making noises and goofing off. It's embarrassing but it did make me laugh. It's crappy sound quality because I have crappy equipment. =D But I decided to go ahead and put it here if only for you to have a good laugh. (Or roll your eyes) =D **************** Have fun!